Hmmmm, now, here at MFM HQ this one's a bit of a talker for us. Whether you're a naked household, or prefer to keep your bod under wraps around the kids, is so different for everyone.


And it can change over time for people, too.

One of our mums, who's always been pretty free and easy about being naked around the house, is wondering if it's time she and her husband stopped now her daughter's 6 - and at an age where she might say things at school about mummy and daddy being 'nudey' that could get taken the wrong way.

But what do our mums think? Here's what you told us...

'I'm not a fan of being naked in front of the kids'

"I am personally not a fan of my kids seeing me naked at all.. my kids are 5 and 2 and I always wait until they are asleep before I shower, just my way of doing things," says Sophie M.

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'She's obsessed with boobs'

Hayley W's OK with it, up to a point, and tells us this: "My 8 year old has no problem with seeing me naked. The only thing I have started doing is telling her to knock before walking in on me on the loo.

"She is obsessed with boobs and because I laugh when she mentions mine, she thinks it's OK to talk about them.

"Was in ASDA last week and there was a women probably in her 50s with the biggest boobs I have ever seen... and my little girl said very loudly, "Mummy I love her boobies, I wish you had them, I would want to squish them all day". I smiled and very quickly walked to the next aisle. So embarrassing."

'It helps to see normal bodies'

Leanne S reckons it's best to take the lead from your kids on when to stop being naked around them, though she reckons there are definitely benefits to letting your littles see you nude.

She says: "I guess I'll know that my kids are uncomfortable seeing me naked when they stop walking in the bathroom when I'm in the bath or on the loo.

"To be honest I'd much prefer to have a poo on my own! On a serious note I do think it helps see 'normal' bodies as opposed to girls in music videos and magazines/posters etc.

"It's OK if your body is not 'perfect'." Hear, hear to that ?

'When they start seeing differences... it's time to put your underwear on'

On the issue of whether you'd actually differently around a boy as opposed to a girl, Malgorzata H tells us:

"I'll possibly never stop being naked in front of my daughter until her adulthood! In regards to my son probably when he reaches 3-4 years of age ?

"I think it's when they start seeing differences in sexes and their speech is developed then is time to put some underwear on - when coming out of bathroom etc you wouldn't like your little one saying at nursery 'my daddy has a big willy!'"

'I'll never make a big deal of nudity'

And this advice, from Amy H - is, we reckon, probably spot on for lots of us: "I think as long as you're ok with it and your child doesn't feel uncomfortable then it's fine.

"I will never make a big deal of nudity with my children unless they say to me, "Mum I don't feel comfortable seeing you naked."

"Then I would make sure they don't have to. It's just a body at the end of the day. We all have one."

What do you think?

Do you go naked in front of your kids? Do you think what you do makes a difference if you have a boy or a girl? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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