“That’s exactly what they remind me of… Used and dried out tea bags!!”


Not exactly what you’d expect a Vogue model to say about her own boobs, but that’s life (or should we say, that’s motherhood?) ?

Yep, British model Portia Freeman has taken to her parenting blog, Platforms & Pushchairs, to open up about the changes she’s experienced in her self-confessed small breasts since becoming a mum.

Portia, who shares young sons Dylan and Rudy with The Kooks band member Pete Denton, wrote that since breastfeeding her youngest, her below-the-t-shirt situation really started to change.

"I always liked having small boobs before giving birth to my little rack ruiners,” she admitted. “And when I finished breastfeeding Dylan they went back to normal quite quickly."

"However when I finished breastfeeding Rudy they just didn't go back to how they once were.

"I understand that it's natural and obviously they won’t go back to normal. The poor things now just seem to hide from the world, I don't blame them.”

One thing we’ve noted is that breastfeeding often takes the blame for boob-sagging/flattening when actually, it’s typically post-pregnancy in general that makes the impact.

So it can affect just about anyone who’s had multiple babies - or even just one.

Anyway, what makes this blog really newsworthy, for us, is the fact we’re hearing about this particular post-baby body change from the perspective of someone who hasn’t got an, ahem, larger chest.

The blog then takes an interesting twist, with Portia revealing she wanted to get a breast enlargement - and asked other mums for advice.

"Who wants to wear a saggy Agent Provocateur bra? That’s not cute for the boyf. Surely I’m not the first mum to want a boob job after having children…?!

"I’ve done some research online but nothing I read gives me the answers I need and people who have them done in the public eye don’t seem to talk about it…

"I think it’s a positive and real conversation for us to be having.”

It’s certainly an interesting topic for discussion - so, is it something you’d consider, or did you decide to go au naturel and embrace what your post-baby bod looks like?

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Images: Instagram/Portia Freeman

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