WAG Danielle Lloyd shows off her premmie baby boy for the first time

The mum-of-two has posted a pic of her adorable premmie baby, Harry, on Twitter


It’s been 10 weeks since Danielle Lloyd gave birth to her second son, Harry James. Harry was meant to have been born this weekend, but arrived prematurely and spent weeks in intensive care. Harry was allowed home in August to be with his mum, dad Jamie O’Hara and older brother, 14-month-old Archie.


“My gorgeous baby Harry should of only had him sunday he is 6lb now Love him so much xxx,” the WAG tweeted yesterday, along with the photo above.

Baby Harry is looking cute and very comfortable in his white babygro. And we love that brightly coloured animal playmat, too.

Danielle recently revealed how scared she was when baby Harry managed to wriggle free of his life support ventilator, whilst being cared for in hospital.

“It was the most terrifying moment of my life and I just sobbed my heart out,” the model said.

Danielle and Jamie are currently raising money for life-saving equipment for premature babies.

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