Walk to School Week starts today

With the number of children walking to school in Britain reportedly at an all time low, a national charity wants Walk to School Week to show how beneficial it can be


Today sees the launch of Walk to School Week, a scheme designed to get more kids walking to school and to highlight the benefits of increased physical activity.


According to reports, the number of our children walking to school has reached its lowest level ever, and the number of children travelling to school by car over the past 20 years has doubled. Around 47% of primary school-aged kids and 36% of secondary school pupils now walk to school, according to the National Travel Survey by the Department of Transport.

“Walking to school is a brilliant way to get exercise and some fresh air into a child’s day,” said Tony Armstrong, chief executive of national charity Living Streets which runs the Walk to School Week campaign.

“When children are bundled from front door to car door, they miss out on the opportunity to socialise with friends, get to know their community, and burn off some energy before getting their heads down in the books,” Tony added.

“We’re urging families up and down the country to give it a go during Walk to School Week this year,” said Tony. “ We need to encourage children to get walking now and set healthy habits for the future,” he explained.

Do you and your little ones walk to school? If you don’t and you want to get involved and get walking, be sure to check out our road safety and road rules guides. Also head to the official Walk to School Week site.


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