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Warning: Stroller theft on the rise

Buggy bandits see easy money in parents with posh pushchairs

According to new crime figures, posh baby buggies have become a prime target for thieves.


Thefts have soared by more than a quarter in the past two years. Crime figures collected by the insurer LV= show that 913 buggies were reported stolen in the UK in 2011, up from 738 in 2009.

One in 14 parents with young children say they have fallen victim to buggy theft with many others not reporting the crime. The most targeted brands including Maclaren, Graco, Silver Cross, Chicco and Bugaboo.

With some parents splashing out on more than £1,000 on the latest must-have strollers and celeb-fave buggies, the ‘buggy black market’ is on the rise.

With more families unable or unwilling to pay full price, many head online to buy second-hand models which could be stolen property.

However, there are some pushchair brands and products which are aimed at reducing buggy theft.

Due in March, the new Britax Affinity, £360, combines style and safety. But it also offers theft protection for peace of mind - each pushchair has its own unique code so owners can register online, helping to make re-sale tougher.

Plus, parents can also invest in anti-theft device such as the Buggyguard or My Buggy Buddy Clip, which are specifically designed to secure unattended prams with a combination lock.




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