Warning: this video may make you cry

Could you do this job? Work every day with only occasional breaks, on your feet most of the time and not eat until your executive eats first...


An American greeting card company recently posted a job ad for the position of Director of Operations, and held real interviews. The video showing the interviews has become a YouTube hit, clocking up more than 10 million views in under a week. 


The interviewer describes the job to the candidates:

  • You must be able to work standing up most of the time
  • Constantly bending over, a high level of stamina
  • The ability to stay up with associates throughout the night with no time to sleep
  • The need to work extra hard over holidays such as Christmas and New Year
  • No lunch breaks allowed until the ‘associate’ had finished their lunch
  • And the best bit –  the position is unpaid

As the interviewees reel in disbelief the interviewer reveals that billions of people do the job already.

OK, now if you haven’t watched the video already, do so now…

So, as we asked before, could you do this job?


Chances are, you’re probably doing it already. 

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