Was Myleene Klass right to stir up £10 present row?

Myleene posts "#bonkers" email from mums at her daughter's school to half a million followers on Twitter and Instagram


Well, Myleene has certainly thrown herself into the eye of the birthday party storm. 


This morning, Myleene Klass shared a group email from two school mums asking for a £10 birthday present for their daughters. The request for the £10 donations was pretty brazen, and caused Myleene to label it #bonkers. 

She changed the names and then posted the original email and a follow-up one on her Twitter and Instagram pages – to a combined total of 533,000 followers. And guess what: it’s gone viral.

“FYI I have changed the names etc, but this landed in my #inbox #bonkers #schoolgates,” she tweeted.


So what’s the story?

The emails came from two mums whose daughters go to the same school as Myleene’s 7-year-old daughter Ava. Ava is one of a group of classmates who have been invited to the girls’ party, and their mums decided to give some “helpful advice” on what to give their daughters for a party present. 

They boldly explain that one child would like a Kindle and the other a desk and that they’re collecting £10 donations towards these items. The second email explains the £10 collection process – dropping it off at the school gates.

Either amused or incensed – you decide – Myleene then drafted a tongue-in-cheek reply entitled “Let’s put the fun back into birthdays!” and shared her email on Twitter and Instagram. “For Ava’s birthday, she has requested a real, live Unicorn. I will be collecting Unicorn money via her book bag.” 

Myleene revealed she’d rather like a Ferrari and Leonardo DiCaprio for herself before signing off “Love and thanks!!”

What do you think?

So was Myleene right to publicly poke fun at the mums’ email? Or should she have had a quiet word with the mums involved instead? Or just let them get on with it?

On an outrage-o-meter, where would you put the mums’ emails? We’d love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Instagram / Myleene Klass

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