Wash hands today (and every day), children told

It’s Global Handwashing Day today! So make sure your little one knows all about washing hands to keep germs and worms away


Mums and dads are being reminded to keep an extra close eye on their child’s hands, as today is Global Handwashing Day.


A recent survey of seven countries by the Hygiene Council revealed that the UK was the third ‘dirtiest’ country with 33% of homes being unclean.

It’s vital that children wash their hands correctly and at the right times to prevent them picking up germs and toddler nasties such as worms. It’s best to start as young as possible, reminding your child every time he is about to eat something or has just been to the loo, to pop his hands under the tap for a quick wash.

Children should always wash their hands


•    A meal
•    Handling or preparing food
•    Visiting someone who’s ill and/or in hospital


•    Using the toilet
•    Sneezing or coughing
•    Handling animals
•    Playing outside
•    Doing some gardening
•    Travelling to and from school

And whenever their hands are clearly dirty.


To help mark the occasion, Hygiene4Health have released a free learning resource pack, including posters and activities, which you can download through the Hygiene4Health website.

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