Watch: Baby cries every time he hears Nationwide jingle

US tot not a fan of insurance


It’s a fairly innocuous tune, as most of them are, but for eight-month-old Deegan from Alabama, the Nationwide jingle is seemingly the most devastating thing he’s ever heard.


In this hilarious video we watch Beau’s reaction to his dad, Beau Cooper, singing “Nationwide is on your side.” We see the initially contented-looking Deegan screw his face up in horror when he recognises the tune before promptly bursting into tears.

To test that this is no coincidence, dad does it again after Deegan’s nap, and sure enough, it happens again.

“He’s never freaked out about how terribly I sound,” says Beau on his YouTube channel. “For whatever reason, he just really didn’t like that jingle.”

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