Watch: Best pregnancy announcement ever!

Grandma-to-be screams with excitement when she finds out


Sean Kreps knew that his mum was desperate to be a grandma. So, for her birthday, he and his wife sent her on a treasure hunt around the kitchen to find her present.


While looking for it, the grandma-to-be found a bun in the oven and shrieked with delight.

Lynn Kreps, the mum-to-be, said that her mother-in-law “loved the joke”. “I have to say I have the best mother-in-law, she’s so wonderful.

“We had such a good time sharing all of this with her, and just sharing it with all these people who are so happy for us.

“She’s always enthusiastic about anything you do, so we knew she’d be excited,” Lynn told Good Morning America.

“The funny part was, she hollered when the oven door opened, but she didn’t even know what she was hollering at at first. She’s such a loving, wonderful, enthusiastic mother-in-law.”

Grandma-to-be, Lee Kreps, said: “We’re going to just go insane with the whole thing.

“I had been wanting Lynn to get pregnant for many years. You know, there’s always the mother -in-law and the daughter-in-law, and I cannot tell you what a perfect match we are. My son did such a great job.”

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