This cute 6-year-old is melting hearts across the world after her mum posted a video of her asking her divorced parents to 'be nice to each other' and get along.


Sitting on the stairs at home, little Tiana dishes up some wise-beyond-her-years advice to Canadian mum Cherish Sherry after seeing her mum and dad argue.

Tiana asks her mum if she's ready to be her dad's friend, and follows up with a cute-but-sensible, "Just try your best. I don’t want you and my dad to be replaced and meanies again. I want you and my dad to be placed as settled and be friends.

"I’m not trying to be mean. I just want all of us to be friends, and, if I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice, too... I’m trying to do my best in my heart, nothing else than that. I want you mom, my dad, everyone to be friends. I want everyone to be smiling…

Her mum was moved to tears by her daughter's words, and wrote on her Facebook post accompanying the video:

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"Tiana said in front of both of us, 'Why don't you guys try to be nice to each other... Like friends helping each other - don't get mad and be happy!!'

"I was stunned by it! She is teaching me! Woke me up!"

Since Cherish went public with the video, it has been watched more than 5 million times, with people loving the words of wisdom that Tiana has to share.

One person posted:

'This little girl is special. A lot of people need to listen to her. Thank you Tiana - you are truly a loving girl.'

Another said:

'What a beautiful child! Such words of wisdom from one so young.'

Here here, we say. Tiana, you've made our Monday.

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