Brenda Schmitz died two years ago from ovarian cancer but she left behind the most amazing Christmas surprise for her four boys, her husband – and his new fiancée.


Brenda lived in Iowa in the US, and was a huge fan of local radio station Star 102.5. A month before she died, she wrote a letter to their annual Christmas Wish show but, instead of sending it in, Brenda asked a close friend to look after the letter and only send it in to the show when her husband David had found love again.

David did find love again – with fiancée Jayne. And, this Christmas, Brenda's letter found its way to Star 102.5, where it was read out, live on air, to an astonished and emotional David.

In her letter, Brenda said it was her wish that David's new love, Jayne, be given a special pampering day because "she deserves it... Being a step-mother to all those boys... Make her smile and know her efforts are truly appreciated from me.

"Thank you," Brenda wrote, "I love you, whoever you are."

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Brenda also asked that her family be given a "magical trip" and that the doctors and nurses who treated her in hospital be given a special night out.

The radio station granted all three of Brenda's wishes and, with the help of local businesses, raised the funds to send David's family of eight – including two of Jayne's children from a previous relationship – to Disney World.

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