We challenge you not to break out a smile when watching this adorable video.


Yesterday, in Bordeaux, France, a group of Irish football fans – no doubt on their way to, or returning from, a Euro 2016 match – won the hearts of an entire train carriage.


Approximately 10 men in green Ireland shirts gathered around a little baby and their parents to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Mum and dad naturally seemed totally bemused by the spontaneous lullaby, and even filmed the charming moment on their phones.

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And baby also seemed to be enjoying the attention.

The footie fans also bust out a (slightly rowdier) rendition of Hush Little Baby, followed by a long (and rather loud) chorus of ‘shhhh’ ‘shhhh’ ‘shhhh’ ?

Watch the video here…

Naturally, viewers and social media users were quick to praise the Irish fans for their good-natured sing-song.

One video viewer in particular said it best:

“Call off the competition, the Irish have won Euro 2016.”

Couldn’t agree more ?

Images: YouTube/Joe.ie

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