Watch: Paramedic reunited with the premature baby he saved

Baby celebrates her first birthday with the man who saved her life


Baby Jessica was born when her mum, Kirsty Pierce, was just 28 weeks pregnant.


Her shock early birth happened at home on the bathroom floor, with Kirsty calling for an ambulance to help. When Jessica was born, she stopped breathing, and paramedic Jamie Springford resuscitated her.

And this week – one year later – he got to see her again at her first birthday party.

“There is quite a difference now compared to the first time I saw her,” he told EDP24. “I believe she weighed two pounds when she was first born. She just about fit in my hand she was that small.

“It isn’t very good when they are delivered that young. Their lungs are undeveloped and they normally have lots of health problems if they survive.

“She is healthy now and fine. She is coming on well and I think she weighs 16 pounds and two ounces.”

After her birth, Jessica was taken to a neonatal unit where she stayed for a month. Jamie had tried to find out how she was doing, but failed until Jessica’s dad, Mathew Sylvester, found him on Facebook so he could thank him.

“I wanted to say thank you to Jamie because if it wasn’t for him, Jessica wouldn’t be here,” he said. He then invited Jamie to come to her first birthday party.

Jamie jumped at the chance to attend: “The first thing I did when I walked through the door this time was give her a cuddle.

“She smiled a me and let me hold her. She is a smiley, happy, noisy baby.”

It’s rare for children to be born so early and escape without any long-term health problems, but happily, Jessica is doing well.

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