Here at MFM we're no strangers to cute baby vids - in fact we see them on a pretty much daily basis - after all, there's always someone sharing something cute on YouTube, right?


So we have to say, before we clicked on this we were a bit 'mehhh' about it - until we saw it.

And oh my - it is seriously one of the cutest things we've ever seen.... ?

Take a look...

We love the way the baby, called Amira, looks so utterly happy and contented throughout - even when a little bit of water gets in her eyes.

And the footage offers some great pointers on how you can wash your own little one's hair when they're tiny.

Little Amira is being swaddled, and she's being held slightly tilted - we're guessing so the water and suds don't get on her face too much.

She also gets a gentle hair comb with what looks like a really soft-combed brush.

All in all, it looks like total bliss! Viewers are loving it too - for obvious reasons.

One said:

"What a beautiful baby and no crying. What a sweet baby girl."

An another, said simply:

"She's just beautiful ? "

We totally agree - and we think it's really lovely that the bubba has been introduced to how relaxing and fun the sensation of water can be from such a young age.

We have to say, we could watch this over and over all day. Couldn't you? ?

What do you think?

When did you give your baby their first hair wash? Did they like it - or not so much? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Image: YouTube still

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