We've seen SO many amazing birth photos in our time, here at MFM HQ.


And this one by Dutch photographer Marijke Thoen is up there with some of the most jaw-dropping ?

Showing a little girl's reaction to the birth of her baby brother, moments after he was born, it's no surprise Marijke told the Huff Post that "this is the most beautiful birth I’ve experienced in my almost 10-year career of being a birth photographer.”

When she shared it on Facebook, the once-in-a-lifetime shot naturally began to get attention and eventually racked up countless likes and comments.


Until it was deleted by Facebook - because of their guidelines around nudity, a spokesperson confirmed to Huff Post.

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She tried to share it on Instagram later and, sadly, the same guidelines seemed to apply and it was removed from there, too.

We think it's an awful shame that this stunning pic can't be shared far and wide, which is why we've shared it here.

Amazing work, Marijke ?

Image: Marijke Thoen

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