Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba parade their babies

Man U star and Chelsea winner bring sons to the football pitch

Football stars

Wayne Rooney and his Man U team might not have won the coveted Premiership last night, but that didn’t stop him being all smiles when celebrating his team’s 4-0 victory with his mini-me supporter – 6-month-old son Kai.


Unveiled for the first time in full view of the public, the little blonde haired lad joined his Man U star daddy to celebrate his win at Old Trafford and wave to the crowd. Beaming Wayne, 24, was all smiles as his son, wearing his favourite bespoke ‘Daddy’ football shirt, gurgled and giggled whilst being doted on.

On the same night, Chelsea player Didier Drogba also brought his own miniature fan to the pitch, his baby son Freddy. Holding the huge winning trophy, the 32-year-old player clutched onto his little and bewildered looking son as he celebrated Chelsea’s league-winning result of 8-0 at Stanford Bridge.

It seems that Wayne and Didier weren’t the only footie stars who showed off their families at the footie stadiums yesterday. Fellow Chelsea teammates Frank Lampard, Joe Cole and John Terry also posed and cheered alongside their little ones after the win.

Joe Cole’s baby Ruby Tatiana made her pitch debut with mum Carly Cole, Frank’s daughter’s Isla and Luna joined their daddy for the celebrations, as well as John Terry’s twins Georgie and Summer, 3.


Wayne Rooney – doting daddy

Proud daddy Wayne, 24, took 6-month-old son Kai onto the pitch after leading his team to a 4-0 win at Old Trafford. Alhtough Man United didn’t win the Premier League, Wayne looked content enough cuddling and kissing his adorable boy. It looks like he is quite a natural…

“I don’t think it [being a dad] has changed me as the person I am but it has just added something different to my life in a great way. It’s different and hard work, but a great feeling,” Wayne told the Daily Mail after the match.


Didier Drogba – No1 dad

Holding the all important Premiership trophy, Didier Drogba made sure he found extra arm space to carry something else rather precious – his cute as a button son Freddy.


Looking a little bit overwhelmed by the excitement erupting around him, the toddler kept close to his football winning star daddy as he showed him off to the celebrating crowd.

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