Saving money in pregnancy

As you might have heard, babies are rather expensive. Once you factor in nursery furniture, baby equipment, buggy, car seat, nappies and more, the figure really starts to look large. But there's plenty you can do to bring that figure down to a more afforable amount to start your family:

  • Pre-baby shopping checklists - downloadable shopping lists outlining exactly which purchases are essential and those that can wait when preparing for your baby's arrival.
  • Step-by-step buyer's guides - follow our guides to make sure you buy the perfect products you need, without wasting money on things you don't.
  • Need some inspiration? Check out our real life experiences from a mum and a dad who began budgeting when they saw that positive pregnancy test

Your new mum budget

Family saving

If the Christmas season has left a dent in your wallet, January's a great time to tighten your family's belt and make your money go further. Being money-savvy doesn't mean no fun - we've found some great ways to save and genius ideas to make extra cash along the way.

  • MFM money savers - every single week we round up the best vouchers and offers so you don't have to shop around:
  1. Toddler and baby gear bargains
  2. Eating out deals
  3. Deals on family days out
  4. Saving at the supermarkets