Weight loss led to pregnancy

Woman told to lose weight before having IVF conceives naturally


Mum-of-one Rachel, 35, was told the only way she could conceive for a second time was to opt for IVF treatment – and this was on the condition she lost weight.


Spurred on with encouragement at her local slimming club, Rachel, from Essex, who weighed over 19 stone, went from a size 22 to a size 12 and reached her goal weight of 10 stone 10lbs.

On the very same day Rachel celebrated her weight-loss achievement, she found out that that she gained something after all – a baby!

“I didn’t realise I was pregnant and kept losing weight during the four weeks as I was still going to the gym. We are in shock. You think it’s never going to happen but now it has and I’m thrilled,” Rachel told the Daily Mail.

The weight loss, achieved through eating sensibly and exercise, meant that Rachel didn’t have to go though with IVF and managed to conceive naturally. “Losing so much weight made my body start working normally. We were going to give it until Christmas and then have IVF but it happened without any drugs,” she explained.


The new baby, who is due in February 2010, will join big sister Naomi, 4, and dad Neil, to make a family of four.

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