What a whopper! Gorgeous newborn George weighs in at 15lb 7oz

George King is one of Britain’s biggest babies, born the size of a six-month-old!


Imagine the surprise felt by mum Jade Packer, 21, when her not-so little one made his debut into the world, weighing almost double the average for a newborn!


George King, who tipped the scales at 15lb 7oz, was born naturally at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. He didn’t have the easiest entrance though; his shoulders got stuck during delivery, and he stopped breathing for 20 minutes.

Despite his traumatic delivery, George escaped unscathed, and is now happily at home with his young family.

With such an eye-watering birth size it’s only natural to wonder if George will grow up to be a gentle giant, but his father Ryan King, 21, has been assured that his son won’t always be bigger than the average: “Everyone has said his size will level out and he will grow at a normal rate,” reports the Bristol Post.

New mum Jade has said that the experience has put her off having more children, in case they are equally large – we can’t say we blame her!


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