What do babies see? Baby Lab wants to find out

University of Surrey researchers want to discover if babies have favourite colours


Researchers from the University of Surrey Baby Lab are looking for baby volunteers to assist them in a new study, reports the BBC.


The scientists are focusing on how babies see colours, specifically, how their perceptions differ to adults. They hope their research will help them understand what and how babies see.

“We all have personal preferences for different colours, but research has shown that there are some colours, like blues, that are commonly liked and that there are other colours, such as dark yellow, that are commonly disliked,” explained Dr Anna Franklin, from Surrey Baby Lab.

“These patterns of preference appear to be common to many different cultures. We would like to find out whether young babies are also drawn to the same colour.

“This will tell us something about how babies see colour, and will also help us understand the origins of colour preference,” Dr Anna added.

To do the experiment, the scientists use a special camera to identify exactly where the babies are looking when shown images on a computer monitor.


So far, hundreds of babies have taken part. If you’d like your baby to be involved you can contact the Surrey Baby Lab by email: Babylab@surrey.ac.uk

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