What made this mum look so surprised in the delivery room?

They say a picture paints a thousand words - but what exactly made this new mum's eyes pop out after giving birth?


Here at MFM HQ we’ve seen more than our fair share of delivery room pics – but this one really got us talking.


Have you ever seen such a look of surprise in your life?! ?

The moment was captured perfectly by Itty Bitty Photography’s Jes Jackson, from Tasmania, Australia.

But what exactly caused such surprise on mum Koto Nakamura’s face?

Can you guess?

Apparently, it’s because she had been told she was having a little girl – but a little boy popped out instead.

She, Jackson and the midwife had been joking that it would be pretty wild if a boy came out rather than a girl before the delivery – never thinking it would actually happen.

So when it did, it was clear Koto was a bit shocked – not because she was disappointed, but simply because of the fact it was just a different outcome from what was expected, and what she and her husband Sina were planning on.


Jackson told Scary Mommy she’d never witnessed anything like it before.

“Koto was wrapped up in the delivery of her gorgeous baby and we were all saying, ‘She is beautiful, your baby girl is here!’ And the doctor said, ‘Hmmm you might want to double check that.’” 

And it was at that epic moment the snap was taken.

The couple had already chosen a name for their little girl – Hinata – but upon finding out she was a ‘he’, they changed it to Taiga, which we think is just beautiful.

Congratulations to the new family! ?

Did you find out your baby’s sex before it was born? Did they get it right – or were you surprised on the day too? Tell us in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

Photos: Itty Bitty Photography

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