What MFM mums would really love for Christmas (and no, it’s not an iPad)

Commercial gifts are left off the top of your Christmas lists this year, in favour of more selfless wishes


Forget paper, bows, ribbons and tags, MFM has found that mums would much prefer gifts that can’t be wrapped when it comes to Christmas Day. We asked over 1,000 of you what your ultimate Christmas wish is, no matter how odd, unique or out-of-this-world. What we weren’t expecting was to be touched by the wonderful, selfless wishes our mums would like in their stockings this year.


From one mum’s wish for a “cure for cystic fibrosis – I wouldn’t care for anything else for myself ever again if a cure was found for this life threatening illness” to another mum’s wish for “a Christmas party for underprivileged children”, it’s extremely clear that when it comes to the meaning of Christmas, presents don’t cut it over having good health, close family and true friends.

MFM mums’ top 10 wishes are:

  • Happiness
  • Lost loved ones to return
  • Positive pregnancy test
  • Healthy baby to be born
  • Job security
  • Money worries resolved/debt paid off
  • World peace
  • Cure for diseases
  • No homelessness or hunger in the world
  • Family to be together

While we know Santa can only do his best, MFM wishes all our mums and dads the very best Christmas possible this year.

What’s your ultimate Christmas wish?  

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