Women have been saying since the year dot that it's almost like you become public property when you're pregnant - if it's not a ton of unsolicited advice, it's complete strangers copping a feel of your bump or looking or commenting disapprovingly at your maternity outfit/birthing plans/baby name list.


Jill Krause of Baby Rabies is currently expecting her 4th baby (and therefore knows a thing or two) and has become sooooo fed up with people saying down right weird stuff to her (things that you would never usually dream of saying to anyone EVER) that she has vlogged a good ol' rant about it.

The catalyst was encountering a man in the supermarket who decided to pass comment on her baby bump, leaving Jill so enraged that she decided she needed to get it out there: the ONE and ONLY thing you are allowed to say to a pregnant woman.

We're totally with her on this and everything she says on the blog and Facebook post that accompanies her video.

So what is that one acceptable comment you can make to a mama-to-be? Over to Jill:

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"The guy walked up to me with a look of importance, like whatever he was going to say or ask had been thought out. 'When are you due?'

"It was nearly a demand. I mean, I don’t mind sharing my due date, but people aren’t entitled to it, you know? 'Mid December,' I replied quickly and turned around.

"Then, with a tone of superiority, and certainly pleasure that he had this information from me now, he responded, 'Damn. You SURE it’s not twins?' and quickly walked off.

"It’s clear he was set on saying that to me all along. Make no mistake, there was nothing kind about this exchange. And yet, this is just… something people do? They just openly comment on the state of a pregnant woman’s body whenever they feel like it.

"So for those who feel like they MUST say SOMETHING to a very visibly pregnant woman, let me offer you this suggestion.

"There are really only a few acceptable things to say, stranger who feels compelled to comment on the size of a woman incubating a child.

"Are you ready? Take notes.

'You look amazing!'

"It doesn’t matter if she actually looks amazing, okay. I don’t care if she looks like Jabba the Hutt incubating a small planet, you tell her she looks amazing, congratulate her, or you could even tell her she’s glowing.

"We know we’re not glowing. We know we sweat a lot while lugging around this enormous midsection that you are shocked by. We know we don’t look amazing. LIE TO US ANYWAY.

"Because if you’re not going to lie to us, the ONLY other acceptable alternative…Is to keep your mouth shut.

"Shhh! Say nothing. Definitely DO NOT ASK US if we’re sure it’s not twins! Or if we’re SURE we’re not having the baby sooner than we think.

"I promise, there are two things we are CERTAIN of, and it’s the number of inhabitants in our uterus, and when they are expected to GTFO. Oh yeah, and none of that is your business anyway, IF WE’RE BEING HONEST.

"So if you’re not going to tell the pregnant woman that she looks amazing, is glowing, or congratulate her, then SHUT UP.

"Go back to the life you were living before a pregnant woman showed up and shocked you with the size of her belly to the point that you felt the deep desire to say something to her about it.

"It’s just not appropriate. It’s not funny. You’re not endearing. You’re not making small talk. You’re rude. Listen, you think you’re shocked? We are VERY aware of how we look. Nobody is more shocked than us."

Jill's blog post and video has deffo touched a nerve with mums the world over and has amassed a massive 750k shares so far - and frankly, we're not surprised - she'd totes on the money with this one, right?

Pics: Jill Krause/Rabies Babies

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