What tops pregnant Lily Allen’s festive shopping list?

No, it's not do to with any pregnancy cravings...


Pregnant Lily Allen is looking really rather organised for Christmas. While some may ponder whether the celebs even have to think about Christmas shopping (surely they have their own elves for that?), Lily’s so organised she has even taken the time to write it down – on a pc. We’re surprised she didn’t laminate it.


What struck us the most is that right at the top of Lily’s list is not some wayward celeb desire for expensive chocolates or a hard to find festive treat, but baby wipes and nappies. Well done Lil!

We also enjoyed Lily’s explanation as to why she’s buying so much bacon – for chipolata rolls, and to add to brussel sprouts and swede for Boxing Day, of course! Although Lily might want to check that just a few down the list she questions whether she even wants to buy sprouts, so she may have some bacon going spare.

Clearly the hostess with the mostess, Lily’s also got two different trifle ingredients on the list – one for the kids and one for the adults (that one includes sherry, naturally). Lily’s also added that she needs, ahem, “f**k loads of double cream”. Well, can’t argue with that, can you?

All in all it looks like Lily, Ethel Mary, baby bump and hubby Sam Cooper (and perhaps papa Allen judging by the desktop pic) are going to have a wonderful time. Merry Christmas one and all!


To see the full list, head to Lily’s Twitter page.

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