What your parents really think about your parenting skills

Your parents and parents-in-law secretly think you're not as good at being a parent as they were, a recent survey has found.


Two-thirds of grandparents believe their grandchildren are not as firmly disciplined as their children were, a survey commissioned by the Mature Times has found.


“The majority of grandparents think their children are far too lenient and do not set clear behavioural boundaries for their kids,” said Jane Silk, from Mature Times.

“Their perception is that this has resulted in a lack of respect for authority and clear values,” added Jane.

The findings come after 500 grandparents shared their opinions about their children’s parenting compared to their own.

One in four said that harsher discipline is needed to improve children’s behaviour, with 250 saying children nowadays don’t fear being told off, reports the Daily Mail.

The survey revealed 12% of grandparents sent their own children to bed with no dinner as a punishment. However, today’s parents are more likely to take away their child’s mobile phone or pocket money when they misbehave. 

“Grandparents questioned generally agreed that different methods of disciplining were appropriate with the changing times. Smacking, for example, is widely regarded as no longer acceptable,” explained Jane.

“But the question is whether the methods of disciplining used by parents today are as effective as they should be. The answer seems to be a resounding no,” she added.

Do you agree with these findings?

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