What’s got this Spice Girl tweeting so late?

Emma Bunton is turning into a bit of a Twitter night owl…


Emma Bunton has been busy tweeting through the night and it seems as though it’s her boys that are encouraging her late night twitter habit.


Sending out a Twitter war cry to fellow mums, Emma wrote, “Hello to all the mums not getting a good nights sleep! #broken”. Not one to miss anyone out, Emma quickly followed on with, “Sorry and Hello to the Dads!”

Whether it was her youngest Tate or tot Beau Lee keeping the former Spice Girl up at night, Emma didn’t let on. But from all of tweeting we get the feeling Emma could do with getting a bit more shuteye. What with all of their young children, maybe the Spice Girls could pull together and release an album of lullabies? In the meantime, we suggest Emma checks out our tips for looking wide awake after being up all night.

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