Who said Elf on the Shelf was just for Christmas?

Now he's here for birthdays too. We should've seen this one coming... *sigh*


Here at MFM HQ we’ve only just finished patting ourselves on the back for the multi-varied and BRILLIANT ideas we had for Elf on the Shelf throughout December.


So the newsflash that Elfie’s now covering BIRTHDAYS too has left us dribbling into our coffee and whatsapping our partners in despair.

HOW did this happen?!!!!

OK- knee-jerk reaction over – it’s not really the end of the world. Because we’re simply going to sweep it under the carpet and pretend it’s not even happening. And keep our fingers and toes crossed it doesn’t become a thing.


When you think about it, it was bound to happen really – the commercial gains of a Christmas-only Elf don’t make sense compared to one who can pop up for ALL your children’s birthdays. Hmm. 

Little Elfie’s official website tells us the “little-known story of how Santa’s finest helpers celebrate birthdays at the North Pole and how you can invite your scout elf to share that tradition with YOU!”

Oh hooray! What joy! *eye-roll*

We really didn’t have enough to do in our lives already, especially the couple of weeks before our child’s birthday – so thinking up a billion MORE things for Elfie to do besides the Christmas fun is just what we needed to occupy our empty days. Errr, not.

Oh – and as an aside – you can get Elf PETS now: cue overpriced cuddly reindeer and the like.

Yep, we’ll just stick to Christmas, thanks, and hope this one creeps quietly away…

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