Who you have kids with is your most crucial decision, says Deputy PM’s wife

Miriam González Durántez, married to Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg, says choosing the right partner is “crucial” if you’re going to have a family


Ms González Durántez, the high-flying lawyer wife of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, clearly chose him for a reason. Not for the politics or the profile – but for what kind of dad he would make. 


Miriam told the ‘Inspiring Women in Scotland’ conference, “The most important career choice you’ll make is who you marry.” Sharing childcare is essential for women who want to work, she stated, adding that by choosing to be a working mother, she “didn’t want to have it all, but to have what men have”.

Mrs Clegg, who was born in Spain, explained how, as a couple, she and Nick share the household chores and the care of their three boys. It’s widely known that Mr Clegg regularly takes Antonio, Alberto and Miguel to school before cabinet meetings.

She went on to explain that she chose Mr Clegg as her husband and to be the father of her children, rather than for his political career.

Speaking to Sky News, Ms González Durántez said, “We tend to share it [childcare] very naturally. We make a point of one of us being home most evenings and on the whole we manage.”

“I certainly know lots of women who, before they leave to go to work, have done half a day’s work at home, and when they get home there is the other half to do. That doesn’t happen to me,” she said.

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