Why 70% of mums won’t wear a bikini this summer

New mums ashamed of stretch marks, shows new research


We recently revealed that a brave mum-of-5 had written a heartfelt open letter on Facebook. The letter was addressed to the people who ridiculed her in public for showing her stretch marks in a bikini.


It turns out 70% of mums lack her bravery. They won’t be wearing a bikini on the beach this summer. In fact, 42% of mums cover up their bodies completely on the beach due to stretch marks, says the research by Bayer Healthcare, makers of Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream.

And it’s not just during the summer that mums feel ashamed of their bodies – 18% of women feel embarrassed by their post-baby body when they undress in front of their partner.

Are opinions changing?

It took 13 years for Tanis Jex-Blake to build up the body confidence to wear a bikini in public. She wanted to be proud of her “battle scars”. Her experience of being taunted on the beach was initially devastating but the public response she’s received since has boosted her confidence.

Is it time for more women to be proud of their stretch marks? Will you be wearing a bikini this summer?

Let us know in the comments below.

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