Why an orange a day may keep the doctor away

Scientists reveal oranges are much better at keeping you healthy than popping vitamin supplements


Food researchers have discovered that oranges contain a unique mix of antioxidants, which help to fight off diseases including cancer.


Antioxidants can slow the ageing process of cells and protect against the onset of cancer and scientists at a university in Utah have found that oranges has particularly effective combination.

“There’s something about an orange that’s better than taking a vitamin C capsule,” explained scientist Tory Parker, who published the results in the Journal of Food Science. “We think it’s the particular mixture of antioxidants in an orange that makes it so good for you.”

The researchers focused on special biochemicals called phenolic compounds, which are used by plants to protect themselves from biological attack. They found that the compounds worked together to have a greater effect.


“Fruit should be your dessert,” advised Professor Parker. “Remember, before cookies, candy and other sugary snacks became so widespread, fruit was our ‘sweet’.”


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