Why did this little boy want to tuck his “own self” in?

Has your little one ever done this? We'd be heartbroken ?


The mums here at MFM HQ totally agree that your child’s bedtime is one of the most precious moments of the day.


You get to talk through what they’ve been up to, rub their heads and make sure they’re all cosy, safe and warm (not to mention the fact you’re just minutes away from TV therapy and an uninterrupted cup of hot choc, hurrah ?!)

So just imagine how you’d feel if you got handed a note like this, advising that your night-night duties had been revoked?

The note was shared by a relative of the recipient of the letter (‘Mommy’), on Reddit, and in it, Owen – age unknown, but we’re guessing by the writing he’s probably about 6 or 7 – said:


Don’t come read with me. I am mad at you. And I will tuck my own self in.




It seems lots of parents out there are used to similar treatment (though it’s not usually formalised with a letter),  or are anticipating something similar happening as their kids get older.

One Reddit user wrote:

“I legitimately expect a note like this in my future. My preschooler punishes me when I’ve been a “bad mummy” by putting himself to bed.

“Yesterday he was displeased with something so sat in the driveway and threatened to let strangers come and get him so I wouldn’t get to have him anymore.”

In this case, we have no idea what Owen’s mum actually did to annoy her little boy so much – cut his sandwiches the wrong shape? Say no to watching a super-scary movie before bedtime?

Smile at him the wrong way? Or – nothing at all. Yep, the last one could be it. ?

Whatever it is, we do hope Owen forgives his mamma soon so they can resume precious tuck-in time ?

Image: Reddit

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