Why drinking is a problem for pregnant Keira Knightley

The Oscar-nominated actress is abstaining from booze, but her hubby's drinking for two…


She’s up for an Oscar for her supporting actress role in The Imitation Game alongside Benedict Cumberbatch (above). But pregnant Keira Knightley has revealed that while she’s on the Academy Awards campaign trail she can’t take full advantage of the freebies – because she’s not drinking alcohol.


“I can’t drink. I’m up for an Oscar and I can’t drink at the Oscars,” she complained on the Ellen DeGeneres show. “I went to the doctor – you have to get lots of doctor check ups when you’re pregnant – and she asked if I had any questions. And I said, ‘Yes! When can I drink!? Please! I just want a Margarita’.”

But there is someone who’s benefitting from her sobriety – her husband! “My husband’s having a great time. I’m eating for two and he’s drinking for two,” she said. “There’s a lot of free champagne so he thinks because I’m not drinking the free champagne he has to. All of it.”


Keira, who is expecting her first child with musician husband James Righton says she hasn’t found out the sex… but that there’s something about having a boy that she finds “terrifying”… baby pee!

“Somebody said to me the other day the problem with boys is – sorry this is horrible – but when you’re changing their nappies you can get the wee in your face,” she joked, while the audience gave a knowing laugh. “Yeah you see? I’ve got a lot of people nodding at me, but I never knew that before so it was terrifying.”

Ellen was able to give Keira a pressie – to cope with just this problem. A pee hat! Basically a hat with a big visor, the idea is the visor stops the pee going in your eyes, as you change your little man. Sounds ingenious but not something to be worn in public. 

The 29-year-old has also revealed that she doesn’t have a birthing plan as such, other than to “get it out”. Don’t worry Keira, you’ve got the general gist!

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