Why grandparents have the cool factor

Being hip has nothing to do with age as study reveals grandparents are cool


Six out of 10 people think their grandparents are cool, a survey has revealed. The top reason? The old stories that they share.


Other reasons grandmas and grandpas are cool include the fact they lived through World War II, like X-Factor, can email and are good at knitting and DIY.

“The study reveals how valued grandparents are, and how their ability to keep one foot in the past and one in the present gains them a lot of respect,” said a spokeswoman for Engage Mutual, which carried out the survey.

Unsurprisingly, spoiling grandchildren and thinking of them as innocent angels were also placed highly on the cool-factor list. Extra kudos was given to the tech-savvy grandmas and grandpas too.

Here’s the full top 20 reasons grandparents were said to be cool:

  1. Old Stories
  2. They spoil you
  3. DIY and gardening knowledge
  4. Sense of humour
  5. Survived World War II
  6. At ease with email
  7. Knitting skills
  8. They provide stability
  9. View grandchildren with rose-tinted glasses
  10. Easy to confide in
  11. Keep secrets
  12. Always honest
  13. Soft on bedtimes
  14. On Facebook and Twitter
  15. Look 20 years younger
  16. Like texting
  17. Like the X-Factor
  18. Understand Cars
  19. Dye their hair
  20. Classic jewellery collection

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