Why James McAvoy on CBeebies is making mums swoon

Something to do with his soothing Scottish tones and dreamy blue eyes is too much for some…


James McAvoy reading Bedtime Stories on CBeebies is making mums giddy.


The X-Men star presented 5 episodes of the show last year, and to be honest, we probably weren’t paying that much attention.

But now the episodes have resurfaced on YouTube and have found a whole new fan base – and we totally get it.

Reclining on a sofa, asking, “Are you all ready for bed?” in his soothing Scottish tones, we can’t help but giggle.

“Have you brushed your teeth? Have you got your teddy bear with you?

The Scottish actor reads the story No Matter What, and it’s all too much for some viewers.


“I was listening to this on headphones and when he said, ‘Are you ready for bed?’, I must admit I giggled and said, ‘Yes James,'” one commented.

“I love him so much. I’m dying, this is so amazing,” another added.

And some got a little too carried away: “James’ lips are the eighth wonder of the world. They’re so soft and full and red and kissable and tender. Sigh.”

We have to admit, our favourite part is right at the end, when he says, “Night, night.”

James, 36, has a 5-year-old son Brendan with his wife Anne-Marie Duff – so he’s got the bedtime story thing down pat.

Watch the video in full here…

And CBeebies have good news – James will be back soon!

A spokeswoman for the channel said, “Everyone will be happy to hear that James will be back on the screen on January with The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet.”

“We are delighted that viewers of all ages enjoy our CBeebies Bedtime Stories and we will have some new presenters and stories coming soon.”

One fan had a rather helpful suggestion… “IF BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH DID THIS I WOULD OFFICIALLY DIE.”

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