Why mums are in control of the family holidays, not dad!

Research reveals women are in charge of the annual getaway


As supposed head of the household you’d think dads would control the reins on the family holiday allowance, but 58% of UK families say it’s actually mum who chooses the destination.


Research of 2,000 mums and dads, conducted by TravelSupermarket, found that 21% of families bicker over where to go, with 40% of men ‘giving in’ to keep everyone happy.

But, while some broods love visiting the same favourite beach hot spot every year, 1 in 4 families feel stuck in a rut because they do the same type of trip every year.

And it seems dads are more likely to start an argument about the cost of the holiday than mums, with 16% of families saying it’s a common getaway bug-bear.

“The keys to deciding on a holiday that appeals to the whole family is to understand what will tick the box for each of the family and to research your options thoroughly prior to booking,” said Bob Atkinson from Travel-Supermarket.

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Do you pick where your family goes on holiday?

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