Why new mum Amanda Peet has cabbage in her bra

The mum-of-3 swears by the old wives' tale for tender boobs


There are some old wives’ tales that mums always swear by – even when they don’t really seem to work! Actress and mum-of-3 Amanda Peet explained why she always uses chilled cabbage leaves to soothe her engorged breasts after giving birth. But she isn’t convinced it helps.


Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the 42-year-old shared a picture of herself with the chilled leaves stuffed in her bra soon after the birth of her son Henry on December 6.

“Apparently when you get engorged, after the baby’s born, the milk comes in and some people get very painful engorgement and you can put cold cabbage leaves on your boobs and apparently it stops the milk,” she explained. “So this is my husband being very amused by my porno boobs, even though I’m in excruciating pain.”

The actress went on to say that she’s used the cold cabbage leaves trick after every one of her 3 pregnancies and admitted: “it doesn’t really work, really.”

But it seems she’s still willing to try! The chilled cabbage leaves act as a cold compress to reduce inflammation. It’s also supposed to relieve breast tenderness and unclog milk ducts.

Are there any old wives’ tales that you follow?

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