Considering how amazeballs Rose Byrne looked when she was snapped on the red carpet at the Met Ball this week, her claims about motherhood might come as a bit of a shock.


Aussie actress Rose gave birth to her son Rocco three months ago (we know. Just LOOK at that pic. Grrr) and just before her Met Ball attendance had told reporters that she was still struggling to come to terms with motherhood.

So much so, she revealed to an Australian news site that she hadn't left her apartment for 3 months.

Three months! We can only assume her online shopping deliveries are more reliable than ours...

But anyway - Rose said the reason for her post-pregnancy hermit-like existence was - time. Specifically, how long it took to get out once you have a baby in tow.

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"It takes an hour and 45 minutes to get out of the house with a baby, and by the time I’m ready, I’m exhausted. I’m done, I’m going back in,” she told

But is she bothered? Apparently not, telling the site: “I don’t care!"

We kind of know how she feels - who hasn't worn themselves out simply with the getting-ready-to-leave process? Or got to the door only to experience a poo-nami, a demand for a feed, or a crying fit (and not necessarily the baby's...)

We've ALL been there, Rose.

The new mum also added that since having her son, she has really gained a new appreciation for what mums go through and what it is all about.

“I have a new appreciation for motherhood having just become a parent. Really, I’ve turned around a lot.

"It’s actually very true all the stuff that you go through, all the cliches, which is a big surprise to me,” she admits.

“I’m tired, but even so, all of it’s great. But you definitely go into a cocoon," she explained.

Yes, yes, yes! (We like her!)

The proud new mum also shared the inspiration behind her son's name (“Oh, I’ve always loved it. The name actually comes from a saint, St Rocco, which I thought was very beautiful,”) and how her partner Bobby Cannavale is a very hands-on dad:

“He’s terrific. He has a 21-year-old (from a former marriage) so this is old hat to him. And I have to say, having someone who’s already a parent is great because this is all very, very new to me. So I’m just taking tips from him.”

Well, fog or not, and regardless of how long it took her to eventually leave the house (can you top 3 months? - do let us know), it sounds like Rose and Bobby have parenthood sussed, right?

Picture: shutterstock

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