Why #StillABoy says yes to fairy wings

Enough of the boy/girl labels, please


When mum Martine Zoer got criticised for her clothing range, Quirkie Kids – which makes pink t-shirts for girls and boys – she responded by setting up the social media campaign: #StillABoy.


The hashtag encourages mums to share photos of their little boys doing things that break the gender stereotypes – like wearing fairy wings, playing with dolls and nurturing pets and siblings.

Those who had a go at her clothing range said it was “robbing kids of their gender” – but Martine hopes in contrast #StillABoy “becomes a celebration of boyhood and gets people talking about what it means to be a boy”.

Hot on the heals of the campaign, mums have started using the hashtag #StillAGirl and sharing photos of their girls, too. Take a look at some of the fab photos below.

Still a boy….

Still a girl…

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