Why this 4-year-old thanking his mum for his own ‘room’ will melt your heart

When his parents put a screen up in their one-bed flat to make a little corner area for their 4-year-old son, he thanked them for such a wonderful 'room' and even planned how he was going to decorate it


Here at MadeForMums we found ourselves holding back the tears just a wee bit when we read this story, which we think is just beautiful.


A mum shared this photo of her 4-year-old boy – sleeping behind what looks to be a screen – on Imgur, with the title ‘His Own Room’.

She goes on to explain:

“Our family of 4 lives in a 1 bedroom apartment and have been doing so for the last 3 years.

“It’s doable as my two children are only 2 and 4.

“But lately my 4-year-old has been drawing his own room and asking both my husband and I when he can have his own room.

“Unfortunately, with my husband fresh out of college with a minimum salary supporting all of us, it hasn’t been the easiest to move out, as moves tend to be costly.”

She goes on to explain how a friend gave them a toddler bed and they created a little ‘corner room’ for their son by putting a screen up and giving him his own little space.


“[My son] was so happy and thanked us for such a wonderful ‘room’. He said he was going to make phone calls to his friends in his own room and just planned how he was going to decorate it.”

Are you a bit teary yet?

The mum goes on to say:

“At that moment I felt so blessed yet embarrassed at the same time. I always complained and compared my life to everyone else who seemed to be doing so much better, and never really counted the blessings in my life.

“I wanted to never forget this moment so I thought I’d share this.”

The post has received nearly 600 comments on Imgur. One person wrote:

“You are a wonderful parent, don’t be embarrassed OK? He’ll look back on it and see how amazing you are.”

And another said:

“You guys will be just fine and those kids will grow up appreciating the things they have. Parenthood succeeded.”

Here here, we say ?

Photos: ahny1104 on Imgur

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