Chrissy Teigen understands the perils of being a new mum.


The supermodel, who gave birth to her daughter Luna Simone in April, also isn’t afraid to share those imperfectly perfect moments with her millions of Instagram followers.

And we especially love that she shared this one… because many breastfeeding new mums will be able to relate ?

Chrissy, husband John Legend and some friends were recently riding a log flume at a theme park (many think it may be Disneyland’s famous Splash Mountain ride).

During the ride's stomach-dropping moment - when the flume or rollercoaster embarks on its fastest, steepest drop after a short pause - it would appear the jolt got Chrissy thinking her milk may be leaking.

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Of course, the ride’s brilliantly-timed automatic camera captured Chrissy mid-scream, frantically holding on to her boobs to prevent a spillage.

Her caption simply read: “MY MILK”

LOL! ?

When you’re breastfeeding, even the tiniest thing can set off your milk - as we’re sure many of you will know.

Doesn’t matter where or when – the sound of your baby crying, a picture of your baby, a sad story or even a sudden shift in movement can be enough for the milk to start coming.

Luckily, Chrissy managed to maintain her trademark dry sense of humour about the whole thing... and we’re sure little Luna will grow up to appreciate this very funny snap of mum, too.

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Images: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

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