When Frankie Bridge was on tour with Strictly Come Dancing earlier this year – there was one question that she kept getting asked… so, who's looking after the children?


"I always think it's the oddest question, like 'Oh, no one, they're just at home on their own'", the 27-year-old laughs. "I bet people probably don't ask Wayne."

But they should, because The Saturdays singer admits that her husband, Wayne Bridge, is "more of the stay-at-home parent" since retiring from football in 2014.

"He's just as hands-on as I am and he's changed just as many nappies as I have so I'm really lucky that he's willing to be so hands-on," she said.

Unless you try and get him on the nightshift that is.

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"I do the night, because Wayne needs his sleep, whereas I can sort of get by on 4 hours," Frankie says.

"It's kind of a natural thing that we fell into the minute we had Parker – I'd get up through the night and Wayne would take over early so if I needed to I could catch up with some sleep in the morning."

Frankie and Wayne had their first child Parker, 2, in October 2013 and 7-month-old Carter followed in August last year.

Why Carter is so much more chilled

Frankie calls Carter her "angel" baby because he's "really chilled" compared to Parker.

"Parker had an allergy to the protein in cow's milk so I couldn't give him normal formula," Frankie says. "And he had reflux, so he was quite a cry-y baby - he was hard to get to sleep and feeding him was quite an ordeal."


And it's good that Carter is happy-go-lucky because the busy mum admits she has to divide her time more.

"When you have the second one, he doesn’t have a choice. There's already other stuff going on so he has to slot in."

Frankie loves living in a 'mad house'

Frankie was just 12 years old when she shot to fame in S Club Juniors and her hectic lifestyle from a young age means she "never wanted a quiet life".


"It's a mad house but I've always wanted that," she says. "I quite like a bit of mayhem, it keeps you busy."

So is she planning to add to her brood any time soon? "At the minute, I'm happy with how things are, I think I probably wouldn't think of having another one now until they're both at school and well on their way," she says.

"I'm kind of just enjoying them, I feel like I've been pregnant for, like, a really long period of time, so it's quite nice, being able to just be me and get back into work."

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