A study bought out just a few months ago confirmed that a woman's gait changes as early as 3 months into pregnancy...


So if you ever had a feeling you were doing a bit of a waddle while pregnant, the science will totally back you up.

But, it seems, not all Corrie fans are convinced by the studies that prove we waddle like penguins when carrying - as a number of them jumped onto social media to have a go at poor old Leanne Battersby (actress Jane Danson) and her pregnancy walk in a recent episode.

Before we go on, take a look at the walk for yourself...

Hmmm, what do you reckon?

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Here at MFM there are definitely a few of us who nodded as we recognised the melon-between-the-legs style walking Leanne's doing.

But, we have to say, eagle-eyed fans were far from impressed with the portrayal.


"What the hell is up with #leannebattersby why is she walking like she's filled her nappy?? #Corrie" asked one fan.

"I've never seen a #pregnant woman walk like #leannebattersby #corrie" said another.

And this: '#coronationstreet that ultra fake pregnant walk #leannebattersby just did"

Oooh - pretty harsh ?

Jane has 2 sons so she's no stranger to pregnancy - perhaps she's even drawing on her own pregnancy walk?

What do you think?

Do you identify with Leanne's pregnancy 'waddle' or do you think the actress has gone a bit OTT in her portrayal? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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