Why’s Paddy McGuinness sleeping in the spare room?

Paddy and Christine's baby daughter Felicity has changed their nighttime routine...


Comedian Paddy McGuinness and his model wife Christine recently welcomed their 1-month-old daughter Felicity.


And the new dad recently opened up to Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw about how the couple is dealing with having a newborn in the house again.

(Paddy and Christine also share 3-year-old twins Penelope and Leo.)

It would seem that little Felicity’s night-feeding schedule means that Paddy had stopped sleeping in the same room as Christine.

“Felicity is only 1 month old. She usually wakes up for her bottle in the night, although I’m not in the marital bed at the moment,” he reportedly admitted.

“I’ve been cast out into the spare room. Luckily, Christine is amazing with the kid.”

Hmmm… we do wonder if he’s really been ‘cast out’ – or if he’s just suffering a bit of sleep deprivation and needs a decent night’s kip in another room?

It seems whatever the reason, it won’t be the case much longer.

“I spent my first night back in the marital bed last night and everything is great,” he shared with Nick.

And then Paddy, 43, said something we can really get on board with:

“Anyone who listens to the [Nick’s radio] show who has children knows that having kids is probably 80 per cent really stressful hard work and 20 per cent fantastic.

“But the 20 per cent is so fantastic – it kind of outweighs the 80 per cent.”

Nicely summed up, we’d say.

Meanwhile, Christine’s taken to Instagram to share her post-baby body journey with her 10k followers.

The model shared a comparison pic showing herself at 9 months along, and 2 weeks after giving birth via caesarean.


“9 months pregnant vs 2 weeks postpartum. I have lost a lot of muscle tone, I have cellulite, loose skin and my body is nothing like it used to be.

“But I have 3 amazing children! They’re my absolute world, my happiness. The reason I love, live and laugh every day.

“I can’t exercise for at least 6 weeks after my c-section but I’m not in any rush. Recovery is key.

“And I’m far too busy being madly in love with my babies ❤️ #9monthspregnant #2weeksPostpartum #mummytummy #MumOfThree #twinMummy,” she wrote alongside the snap.

Goes without saying she looks incredible, right?

We hope both Christine and Paddy manage to get a good night’s sleep soon – wherever in the house that may be!

Images: Instagram/Christine McGuinness

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