Widow discovers she’s pregnant on eve of husband’s funeral

Kirsty Kirchner and her husband Royce had been trying to conceive for 7 years


A widow, who had previously struggled to have a baby for 7 years, found out she was pregnant on the eve of her husband’s funeral. Kirsty Kirchner then bravely announced her pregnancy during an eulogy to her husband Royce who was killed in a car accident.


The 35-year-old was just 10 minutes drive away from his family home in Queensland, Australia, when his car struck a tree and he was killed instantly.

The accident happened on on 8 October – just 5 days after Kirsty had been implanted with her first cycle of IVF. The picture above shows the couple waiting for one of their ‘many IVF appointments’. Royce was killed before finding out the IVF had been successful.

“At the funeral I debated whether I was going to announce it in Royce’s eulogy,” Kirsty told Australian TV show A Current Affair. “And it was really difficult but I decided to do that because Royce was right next to me in the casket. This was the last time I could announce to the world with my husband that we were pregnant.”

Kirsty, who’s an active vlogger on YouTube and had been keeping a video diary about the couple’s attempts to have a baby, posted a picture of her husband’s urn with the pregnancy test on Instagram. “Love you forever babe. After much deliberation I have decided I have to stay here for baby Pacey, so please protect us from up above my sweetheart. Missing your affection, would really like a belly rub right now and a kiss,” she commented.


In clips posted to her YouTube channel, ConceiveABaby, Kirsty revealed her late husband’s life insurance had been cancelled 2 weeks before his death so they could pool their money for the IVF treatment. 

Stuck with big bills for her husband’s funeral and with a baby on the way, she set up a GoFundMe page – and it’s so far raised over $20,000.

A Current Affair have also organised a house renovation for the mum-to-be.

“I am so thankful and grateful for everything,” she said on her Instagram page. “I am aware there are more deserving people than me and that’s what makes me think my husband Royce is having such a hand in all this from up above.”

Photos: Instagram / Kirsty Kirchner

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