Will sleeping with the light on make you depressed?

Even a dim light on while you sleep could confuse your body and affect your moods, suggests a new study


Having a light on while you sleep could make you depressed, according to new research by neuroscientists. Even a dim light such as a child’s nightlight could have an effect.


Although the evidence has only been seen with hamsters so far, is suggests that light interferes with the amounts of the hormone melatonin in the body. This hormone is vital in letting your body know that it is night-time.

If you sleep cycle becomes disrupted it can harm your mental health and potentially cause depression.  The investigation is still in the early stages and so far there is no info on how children’s nightlights might affect their sleep patterns.


If your child needs a light on at night, you can now get time-sensitive ones, which will go out after a set period of time Alternatively, once they’ve nodded off switch their light off. If you have lights from digital displays flickering in your bedroom, it might be worth turning them off too, as even the faintest lights appeared to have an impact.

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