Will Smith confident Karate Kid son Jayden Smith can handle fame

Jackie Chan’s right hand little man wants to be a bigger star than his dad and actress mum Jada Pinkett-Smith

Karate Kid Jayden Smith won’t be getting any delusions of grandeur if his film star dad has anything to do with it. Will Smith, who produced the movie starring his son, has vowed to use his experience of the industry to keep Jayden’s feet firmly on the floor.


“Child stars are generally broken by the pressure of being the breadwinner of a household at 14 or 16 years old,” Will explained, adding, “When your dad is still the biggest movie star in the world it keeps everything really grounded. He won’t be paying the bills anytime soon.”

But the “biggest movie star in the world” better keep an eye on his talented son who hopes to steal his crown. When asked by the BBC if he could be a bigger star than his dad Jayden said “I’m gonna try!”

This famous family seem to be always juggling for attention! Jayden recently complained about mum and dad taking his sister Willow’s side in arguments and now Will has joked that “If one more person calls me the Karate Kid’s dad, then Men in Black III is coming out immediately!”


Jackie Chan has even predicted stardom in the youngster’s future. “He’s young. He can sing, he can rap, he can dance he can fight, he can act,” the kung fu master praised. Watch out, Will!

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