Will Smith’s children make decision on mum’s career

Looks like Will Smith will be on daddy duty as wife Jada takes up new demanding role


Will’s leading lady and mum of two, Jada Pinkett-Smith likes to seek approval from her children before taking upacting roles.


Before Jada, 37, signed up for the new TV series HawthoRNe, she asked her son Jaden, 11, and daughter Willow, 8, if it was okay.

“I sat down with the kids and my husband and I really asked their permission,” she told CNN

“I said ‘Listen, there was this show I’d love to do and it will be three months that you might not see Mommy a lot.’ They are looking at me like ‘Really?’ “

After promises of chocolate for breakfast and unrestricted bedtime schedules, the Smith clan were convinced, leaving dad Will, on full time family man duty.


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