Woman gives birth at Glastonbury – and returns to party with her baby!

Hardcore festival goer refused to let labour, birth and a newborn keep her away


Heavily pregnant Glastonbury fan Victoria Iremonger barely had time to pitch up her tent when she found herself in labour! The first time mum and dedicated festival goer realised that her waters had broken and tried to insist that she should give birth in the festival grounds.


However, medical staff convinced her to go to nearby Yeovil hospital to continue her labour.

Victoria, 30, gave birth to her son Reuben at 7:30pm on Thursday. But instead of going home to rest after her surprise delivery, Victoria and her partner Evan headed back to the festival – this time with an extra guest!

“I was starting to enjoy myself at Glastonbury when my waters broke and I realised the baby was coming,” Victoria recalled. “I never expected this to happen but it’s a great start to the festival. It has really made my weekend. Reuben is a very happy camper.”


The couple weren’t expecting the baby to be born until July 11.


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