Woman gives birth on a plane

First-time mum-to-be goes into labour at 36,000 feet, with her impromptu 'midwives' resourcefully using scissors, shoestring and vodka!


A woman has given birth on a plane after she went into labour in mid-air.


Katherine Oyedoh delivered a healthy baby boy, with the help of people onboard the plane. The impromptu birthing team included an obstetrician, a flight attendant, two nurses and other cabin crew members.

Katherine, who was 37 weeks pregnant, had been given the OK to fly from her family’s home in Nigeria to California. Her baby wasn’t due until April 13th.

The unsuspecting ‘midwives’ managed to find items onboard that they could use to assist the delivery, using shoestring and scissors that were sterilised in a cup of vodka.

Susan Carnes, the flight attendant who was fortunately carrying scissors, joked when speaking to Fox News, “They’re just a pair of scissors that I keep with me incase I need to cut something – like an umbilical cord.”

Susan quickly realized that the baby would need to be delivered on the plane and, after putting a call out over the plane’s intercom, an obstetrician and two nurses came forward to help.

“She was scared and in a public place having a baby with 200 people, but she was good and she was strong,” said Susan.

Susan commented on what happened after the baby had been delivered. “I had a ‘Lion King’ moment and announced, ‘It’s a boy,’” she said. The passengers all cheered.

The baby’s dad Idoni, wasn’t on the flight and has said he is very thankful to everyone who helped to safely deliver his son. Baby Ebosalume, who weighed 8lbs is doing fine.

We’re glad all went well for mum and baby, but we’re pretty sure it’s not the in-flight ‘entertainment’ the other passengers bargained for!


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